A little joy from the smart vending machine at Hong Van Theater

EN_SK kich Hong Van_VM Installment

Placing a smart vending machine at Hong Van Theater, is a famous stage located in the bustling Garden Mall, provides customers with many more convenient services and fascinating experiences.

The presence of smart vending machines has not only brought a breeze of fresh air to the Vietnamese retail market in general and the F&B industry in particular. It also brought a new excitement to consumers.

Fast, easy, simple and convenient aren't exaggerated adjectives that people use to describe our vending machines. Aside from that, doing business with vending machines is always a high potential plan for many investors.

To maximize profits, smart vending machines should be located in residential areas and entertainment venues such as playgrounds, parks, cinemas, theaters, etc.

As a popular and well-known stage in Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Van Theater at The Garden Mall can be considered can’t-miss location for many investors in vending machines business.

Hong Van Theater in Cho Lon is a big venue that always brings attractive plays by many famous actors. It has attracted hundreds of people to come every weekend.

During shows, small snacks and drinks are always available for the audience in our smart vending machine. Since the stage is also located on the 3rd floor of the bustling Garden Mall, there are many customers wishing to experience the vending machine.

Serving a variety of rich foods 24/7, Dropfoods vending machines certainly do not only attract many customers, they also provide a great experience for them.

Dropfoods vending machines offer many other modern functions such as cashless payment via the Dropfoods app, mobile phone credit top-up, etc. Those extra features are well appreciated by consumers.

Brings a high potential for revenue

Great promotional opportunity

As mentioned above, the Hong Van Theater attracts a large audiences and actors every day. Placing a vending machine there helps to increase the brand of the company, thanks to the ideal customer segment.

With the 32 "LCD touch screen, businesses not only can easily build brands for products sold inside the machine, but also have the ability to display images/video slideshows on the screen.

Besides, the LCD touch screen provides exciting experiences and thereby create a loyal customer base.

Dropfoods smart vending machines don’t only generate high profit, they are also an effective marketing channel for your business brands.

Placing smart vending machines at big entertainment venues such as Hong Van Theater definitely brings customers many conveniences as well as new experiences.

As the smartest and most efficient vending machine chain in Vietnam, Dropfoods always receives much love and trust from customers. Our vending machines have been placed at various locations in Ho Chi Minh City.

To learn more about Dropfoods vending machines in Vietnam, click here.

Artist Hong Van shared that: “I have used the vending machine many times. I love it! When I opened my new theater, I ask my staff to contact Dropfoods and install one for my colleague's and also for the audiences' convenience. And it does not cost much.”

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