Dropfoods smart vending machines at Lotte Mart supermarket

EN_Lotte Mart_VM Installment

Smart vending machines are an extremely effective solution for retail businesses.

It is also very important to choose the area where the vending machine should be placed. Through the article below, we will see the benefits of installing smart vending machines at Lotte Mart Go Vap and Lotte Mart Cong Hoa. 

Smart Vending Machine at Lotte Mart Go Vap - ATM Area

Lotte Mart Go Vap is one of the ideal locations for placing smart vending machines. The supermarket is located at 242 Nguyen Van Luong - Ward 10 - Go Vap District - Ho Chi Minh City, where many people live and commute. Therefore, the demand for shopping is very high.

The Dropfoods vending machine was installed right at the ATM area where many passersby withdraw money and close to the parking lot where many people wait.

Therefore, it is very convenient if anyone wants to stop by and buy goods, such as snacks or beverages at the machine. This is a high sales location for investors.

Lotte Mart Tan Binh - The Ideal Installation Place for Smart Vending Machines

Dropfoods also installed a smart vending machine at Lotte Mart - Tan Binh, located at Pico Plaza building, 20 Cong Hoa, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

This is the most crowded commercial center in Tan Binh District. The number of people living in this area and passing by is very high.

The Dropfoods vending machine is installed right in front of the entrance which is the best location to attract attention from visitors of the mall. With such a prime location, it is a great opportunity for consumers to experience Dropfoods’ smart vending machine.

Therefore, advertising on this smart vending machine will reach a large number of customers to increase sales and also to promote brand names.

Where is the best smart vending service?

It makes a lot of sense to install smart vending machines at supermarkets like Lotte Mart! So, which brand provides the best smart vending machines in Vietnam? The answer is "Dropfoods" – we are currently the most efficient specialist in smart vending machines in the Vietnamese market.

Besides, Dropfoods also provides a variety of goods in the vending machine such as snacks, drinks, mobile phone top-up, etc. All our machines operate non-stop 24/7 to serve customers automatically without any staff.

With the touch screens of 32 or 49 inches, it is easy to use and the buying process is fast, thanks to our optional cashless payment feature.

If you are interested and want to know more about Dropfoods, please contact us directly or fill out the form below. Dropfoods will contact you to give the best advice and support by professional staff.

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