Ha Son Tower - The "golden location" for smart vending machines

EN_Hà Sơn Tower_VM Installment

In the age of technological development, retail business is becoming much more convenient with smart vending machines.

It will not be hard to come across smart touchscreen vending machines in crowded places such as parks, schools, apartment buildings...

Through the article below, we will share with you a "golden" location, a "must place" installment for smart vending machine in Vietnam, the Ha Son Tower office building.

What are the advantages of Ha Son Tower to install smart vending machines?

Ha Son Tower office building is located at 277A Nguyen Van Dau Street, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District. This building is located in the middle of many important arterial roads in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the same time, there are many shops, offices, schools and markets around this building area which makes this area a very desirable location to work in.

Placing a smart vending machine in a crowded location like this will gain very high profits for investors.

In addition, retail businesses will greatly save costs. Instead of renting an area for a high price, now it only takes small money to rent or buy a vending machine.

Besides, office staff can buy snacks, foods and drinks conveniently with vending machines without having to go outside to find a convenience store.

The benefits of placing smart vending machines in Ha Son Tower.

Placing a vending machine in Ha Son Tower brings many attractive advantages for the office staffs working there.

Each vending machine takes only a very small area, around 1.2 to 1.5 square feet. Thereby, it not only doesn’t cause an obstacle but it also saves space.

In addition, the purchase at the vending machine is very fast and easy. You simply select the product you want to buy on the touchscreen and then insert money into the cash slot, that's it. The machine will automatically dispense the product for you.

Having a smart vending machine will help the office staff in Ha Son Tower saving a lot of time, right?

Where is the best reputable smart vending machine supplier?

Dropfoods is the leading company specializing in providing smart vending machines with the best reputation in the Vietnamese market. We offer a variety of business forms, such as leasing and selling smart vending machines, or providing products sold in the machine such as confectionery, water, energy drinks, soft drinks, snacks...

Additionally, we also provide professional maintenance and repair services, as well as support to solve problems from users by our dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

You can also experience our Dropfoods mobile app which will help you save a lot of time on purchases. Upon signing up your account on Dropfoods application, you will receive countless attractive promotions.

Above information show you all the benefits of placing a vending machine at Ha Son Tower. Do not hesitate any longer, contact Dropfoods and install a smart vending machine right away!

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