6 Steps to purchase on Dropfoods Application

EN_Online shopping_Dropfoods App (6 steps)

Dropfoods has integrated an online shopping feature into the Dropfoods application. Let's make an order and see how interesting it is!

Step 1:

Open the Dropfoods application and select "Delivery Now".

Step 2:

Select the Dropfoods machine you want to order.

Step 3:

Select the products you need.

Step 4: 

Select the quantity of products and add them to the cart.

Step 5:

Check the chosen products in the cart and choose the payment method.
Then place an order.

Step 6:

The message "Order successful" appears which means Dropfoods has received your order and will process it as soon as possible. 

With only 6 simple steps, you can order your favourite foods, drinks and snacks. Dropfoods will take care of the rest. It’s so simple and convenient, isn't it?

Download Dropfoods app right below!

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