Installing a Dropfoods smart vending machine at Pham Nguyen English Center – Doubles the happiness after the COVID-19 pandemic

EN_Anh ngu Pham Nguyen_VM Installment

After the social distancing campaign due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the students and teachers of Pham Nguyen English School are back at their centers. The happiness is doubled since Dropfoods has installed a vending machine at the school. This is a smart vending machine system, which includes easy purchasing steps, combined with a 42 inch touch screen.

The smart vending machine, equipped with a big touch screen, are be very convenient for the students, teachers and employees at the center. Every single step of the buying process at the machine is as simple as using a mobile phone and is suitable for all ages.

A smart vending machine does not take up a big area like a grocery store would. Each machine has a size of around 1.2 to 1.5 square meters. It takes up less space but still can serve essential needs at the school.

The purchasing process is also very fast and simple. Teachers and children can quickly order some snacks during break time before continuing the classes.

After exhausting classes, teachers and students can enjoy a cool bottle of water, a nutritious pack of milk or a small snack from the smart vending machine right in the hallway.

Benefits from Dropfoods smart vending machines

Most of the students at Pham Nguyen English Center are young so the presence of a modern vending machine with a bunch of different items such as confectionery, soft drinks, chocolate, snacks, ... does not only bring great joys but also brings interesting experiences for the children. Furthermore, it helps with restricting street vendors in front of the center, selling unhygienic and unsafe products to this young generation.

In addition, Droopfoods vending machines also provide many services such as mobile phone credit top-up and cashless payment via e-wallets Moca (GrabPay), Dropfoods App and VNPay, bringing convenience to everyone.

Especially, the Dropfoods App on mobile phone provides a very easy and convenient payment method, via QR-code scanning. Dropfoods App also often offers users many attractive promotions. You definitely do not want to miss any of them!

Make a call now if you are interested in Dropfoods smart vending machines. We will contact you asap.

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