YOLA English Centers install Dropfoods smart vending machines

EN_YOLA_VM Installment

For parents, not only in Ho Chi Minh City, YOLA is one of the leading addresses of English language teaching. With a team of qualified international teachers and a friendly learning environment, YOLA Centers help students acquire knowledge effectively and naturally.

In addition, YOLA continuously improves facilities and invests in modern equipment and facilities to serve teaching and learning. Therefore, YOLA English Centers have installed Dropfoods vending machines in several of its centers since September 2019.

Dropfoods vending meets essential F&B demands of students and avoid that they have to buy unhygienic street food. Thanks to the convenience of Dropfoods machines, students can buy what they want everything they crave for in a safe environment instead of having to go outside. That avoids accidents and gives parents peace of mind.

Dropfoods vending machines are very easy to use, almost everyone can buy easily in less than two minutes. In addition, Dropfoods vending machines accept cash denominations from 5,000 to 100,000 and are able to return change.

Dropfoods vending machines provide not only food, drinks, candies and snacks but they also integrate some features such as mobile phone top-up and cashless payment via mobile app and e-wallet.

Because of these convenient points, all YOLA staff as well as students of the centers enjoy experiencing the use of the machine. Peak buying times are the time between shifts and breaks.

YOLA English Centers also hopes to expand the deployment of Dropfoods vending machines in their centers in the near future in order to offer better service to students, beside high quality courses, and knowledgeable and advanced teaching methods.

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