Installing Dropfoods Smart vending machine at ARICO Company, Binh Chanh Province.

EN_ARICO_VM Installment

Currently, employees of ARICO company in Binh Chanh are experiencing the advanced and modern features of a smart vending machine from Dropfoods with its quick buying experience.

Specifically, Dropfoods machines have a change return feature that is convenient for those buying products at our machine without small denominations.

Dropfoods smart vending machine

Dropfoods vending machines are supplied and installed by Dropfoods, a green start-up founded by Sugar Ventures, the most dynamic and diversified investment fund from Singapore.

Dropfoods headquarters at PVFCCo Tower, 43 Mac Dinh Chi, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Dropfoods has machines placed all over Ho Chi Minh City.

Dropfoods vending machines are modern designed with a large 32 inch or 49 inch touch screen. They provide customers with a convenient and pleasant purchase process.

Each machine has a large product compartment which can store 300 to 500 items at the same time, ensuring that all the essential needs of customers can be met, including water, soft drinks, carbonated soft drinks, green tea, candies…

Additionally, the large screen on the vending machine can show advertisements, suitable for promoting products and brands, getting customer’s attention and thereby increasing brand awareness.

Beside essential products, the machine also has useful functions such as mobile phone top-up and cashless payment via the GrabPay by MOCA e-wallet and the Dropfoods application. Those functions add top-notch convenience for customers.

Since the Dropfoods smart vending machine has been installed, it has created favourable conditions for the employees at ARICO Company in Binh Chanh. Now, their essential demands are met quickly at any time, without waiting time.

Companies, factories and other organizations wishing to invest in smart vending machines to serve their employees and customers can fill in the information below. Dropfoods will contact you once your request is received.

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