The reasons why vending machines should be installed at Fitness Centers?

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There are more and more Fitness Centers being opened and invested in because this is a very effective and engaging business model.

To compete in the health care industry, owners do not only invest in exercise machines and equipment, but also in other utilities to attract more guests.

However, this may require more staff, as well as a bigger area, leading to high monthly costs. How to solve that problem but still keep the image of a professional Fitness Center?

Owners can consider having a smart vending machine right in their gym. This is a perfect solution for investing in more benefits to attract more guests without spending too much.

Benefits for gym owners:

Benefits for guests:

Outstanding benefits from smart vending machines

  • No need for a large space.
  • Can operate 24/7, no need to hire employees - save costs.
  • Operation and management is extremely simple.
  • Sell a variety of items, suitable for the needs of gym goers (protein supplement drinks, mineral water, chocolate...)
  • Fast purchase process, doesn't waste time with waiting or queuing.
  • Meet gym goers’ needs immediately.
  • Quick payment with many options: Apps, e-wallets, QR code, cash (accepts from 5,000 VND to 100,000 VND and returns change)
  • Convenient, simple to use, suitable for every object.

For above reasons, Dropfoods believes that investing in smart vending machines is the right decision for gym investors.

Especially our touchscreen vending machine, which will make your gym look more modern and professional than those of competitors.

What types of vending machine investment are there?

There are hundreds of different models in the world with different functions and parameters. To help you research and go in the right direction in the business battle with smart vending machines, check these service types of vending machines right below:


  • High initial investment costs, between 80 million to 250 million VND. It depends on the origin (USA, Japan, China ...) as well as technology functions (touchscreen, LCD screen for advertising, change return,... etc.)
  • Have to estimate the cost of maintenance, repair, as well as operating the machine.
  • No need to invest much in facilities such as tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, cash registers ...
  • No need to hire employees because everything is automated.


  • Low investment cost, average from 4 to 6 million VND / month.  If the gym owner wants to install many machines in different branches, it can save hundreds of millions.
  • Can rent for a short term, reducing business risks of the investment.
  • Be supported from vending machine suppliers. (Read support terms for Dropfoods' partners here).
  • Recover capital fast and have a passive source of income besides the gym business.

Experience our unique vending machines and services at Dropfoods

If you find that a smart vending machine is a potentially very enticing business to invest in but still have not found a reputable brand yet. Why not try out the unique smart vending machine services of Dropfoods? We guarantee to bring you the best solution that suits your business needs and purposes.

Dropfoods is invested by Sugar Ventures, the most dynamic and multidisciplinary fund in Singapore. We provide these high technology smart vending machines and look forward to turning ordinary moments into truly enjoyable experiences when customers use our smart vending machines.

The price at Dropfoods is always reasonable compared to others in the market. You just need to focus on your main business. Every possible issue from smart vending machines will be handled by Dropfoods.

Dropfoods always accompanies you throughout the business process, from consulting on sourcing, to installing machines to troubleshooting software problems. We will take on the roles of operation, guarantee, maintenance and refilling of goods for the machine with our own skilled and dedicated team. Dropfoods can meet all your needs and inquiries about the smart vending machine business. 

For free consultations, please contact Dropfoods via below information form.
Or leave your information here to become our valued partner with many special offers from Dropfoods.  

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