How to profit from the vending machine business? (Part 1)

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A wave of smart vending machines has recently reached Vietnam and is gradually asserting its role in serving consumers and bringing many practical utilities in selling essentials goods such as food, beverage, snacks, mobile top-up, ...etc

Now, vending machines are widely popular and are deployed in many locations, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Investing in the vending machine business has become very interesting and attractive for investors.

How profitable is the vending machine business? This is a question that investors are always interested in. Let's take a look at some key points of the vending machine business.

Modern vending machines are suitable with the development trends of the market

Vending machine business helps reduce expenses / costs

Business forms with vending machines

  • No need to rent large spaces. Because a vending machine only takes up an average space of 1,2 square meters.
  • No personnel costs. Because our vending machines do everything automatically 24/7.
  • Cost of buying a vending machine is cheap, starting at 80 million VND per machine. Even if your budget is limited, you can rent machines to serve your business needs. The average rent is only from 4 to 6 million VND/month.

Nowadays, vending machines integrate advanced and modern technologies which appeal to young citizens. This is a target group of customers which is active and loves to early adopt the latest technologies, as well as gather in apartment buildings and office buildings.

"Large market - low supply - high demand". The vending machine business has huge potential with the hustle and bustle of the young generations and perfectly fits the current development trend.

In order to make a profit with vending machines, you need to calculate the expenses / costs for this type of business:

For the above reasons, you can see how the vending machine business helps you save a lot of costs.

Vending machines is an automated 24/7 business solution.

Doing business with vending machines is very simple, place your smart vending machines at suitable locations and let them continuously generate profit, nonstop 24/7.

No need to hire staff to operate the machines. Everything is automated. Therefore, personnel costs are minimal. You only need to provide electricity for the machine to operate 24/7.

Vending machine costs in the Vietnamese market

When buying a product we mainly consider the price and the quality of the product we are interested in.

To have the best overview of the vending machine market, let Dropfoods show you the price and quality of particular vending machines currently available in the Vietnamese market.

Price & Quality of vending machines imported from abroad

There are countless vending machine models, originating from Korea, Japan, USA, Europe, China, ...etc

Models imported from the US, Europe, Korea, Japan will cost around 150 million VND to 400 million VND with common features.

In fact, almost all models being used in the Vietnamese market are imported from China and prices range from 80 million VND to 250 million VND.

In addition, when you buy a vending machine imported from a foreign country you have additional costs such as import taxes, shipping fees and many other charges depending on the manufacturer.

The quality of the imported vending machines is very good, with many modern features and advanced technology. Since the machines are manufactured for foreign markets only, the machines sometimes might not be suitable for the Vietnamese market without supporting the local language, bank notes and other specific features.

Price & Quality of vending machines in Vietnam

The price of vending machine models in Vietnam fluctuate, depending on the accessories / components as well as the features that the manufacturer can support.

Or, you can choose the smart vending machine models of Dropfoods. Superior to other imported products, Dropfoods machines are not only of high quality but they also support many features which are suitable for Vietnamese consumers, such as dispensing change, top-up mobile phone credit, cashless payment via apps...

Moreover, the prizes of Dropfoods’ smart vending machines are also more affordable, without high additional costs, compared to imported machines from abroad. If you would like to cooperate with Dropfoods, we provide many services and many special offers for your business.

Furthermore, with our professional and dedicated support services, you won’t have to worry too much if the machine has any issues, malfunctions, or lack of spare parts. You will be in control of everything without having to wait for experts from abroad which would interrupt your business.

If you are interested in our smart vending machines, please fill out the form below. Dropfoods will contact you and answer all your questions in detail as soon as possible.

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