Smart vending machines at clinics and hospitals


Today in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities, there are many people who go to hospitals every day, not only hospital staff like doctors and nurses but also patients and caregivers.

In the current competitive environment, private clinics and hospitals set higher standards for health care solutions, such as a team of qualified doctors and diagnostic machines and treatment with modern technology. Besides, they also have to ensure the satisfaction of people visiting and treating ailments.

Due to the busy environment and strict requirements of private clinics and hospitals, buying safe and hygienic food is not always easy and convenient. That's why smart vending machines are the perfect solution to address this issue.

Benefits for patients, visitors, caregivers:

Benefits for staffs, nurses and doctors:

Staffs, nurses and doctors who work in day and night shifts clearly need rest hours. Vending machines provide snacks and drinks easily, turning breaks into a refreshing and energizing moment, making work afterwards better and more efficient.

Benefits for operators of private clinics / hospitals:

Installing a vending machine can help reduce the cost of hiring sales staff and it doesn’t take up as much space as a cafeteria. Dropfoods smart vending machines don’t only perform the process of receiving money and dispensing goods quickly and accurately, they also return change to buyers. Thanks to the installation of smart vending machines, the board of management can gain more profit without a high initial investment.

With a vending machine at a private clinic or a hospital, you can easily get fresh and safe drinks to quench your thirst and fill up your stomach with snacks and cookies, sold in the machine without any worry about hygiene and safety as well as anxiety about buying products with exorbitant prices.

Benefits of having vending machines at private clinics and hospitals

Suitable locations to place vending machines at clinics / hospitals

Usually, the examination area and the area where patients wait for test results are the most crowded places. Therefore, those are the best locations to place vending machines.

While waiting for examination, testing as well as taking receiving results, patients can buy a bottle of water to refresh themselves or enjoy a little snack.

Dropfoods smart vending machines address essential needs of visitors and staff at private clinics / hospitals. They also solve the situation of street vendors ruining the aesthetics of the surrounding area.

Customers have trusted in Dropfoods’ service

Currently, Dropfoods has implemented its own vending machine system in some clinics and hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, such as District 4 Hospital, Hop Nhan Medical Clinic …

Ms. Minh Tu, a visitor at the clinic, shared: “I just saw this device for the first time. At first, it was a bit awkward because I have never used one before but it is actually very easy. Just press some buttons, buy goods quickly and receive change. Not scary at all. "

Thu Thuy, the relative of a patient, said: “I am very interested in the Dropfoods vending machine, which has many utilities and is quite easy to use, suitable for consumer products such as drinking water and snacks. The day before, I had an urgent task and my phone ran out of money and I couldn't call. The mobile phone top-up function is so convenient. "

Mr. Tam, a staff member at the clinic, said: “I think this machine is so convenient, I don't have to line up or get interrupted when I buy something. Don't need to go too far. "

With a range of advantages and benefits that modern vending machines offer, such as 24/7 operation, regardless of day or night time, there is no need to worry about paying sales staff. Vending machines are the best solution to meet customer's needs and bring convenience to private clinics and hospitals.

To contact for cooperation and more details about the Dropfoods Company and our smart vending machine system, you can fill in the information below. Dropfoods will contact you as soon as possible.

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