Why vending machines are good to have in schools!

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In recent years, vending machine systems have been deployed and installed in public areas such as hospitals, clinics, airports, gas stations...

These smart vending machines contribute to an image of modernity of the city we live in and above all, they serve the needs and requirements of the people.

Aside from the locations mentioned above, schools are also one of the key locations where vending machines can be placed. Over the world, vending machines are not strange to anyone. It is a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to grab a bite to eat or something to drink for students and staff.

Regarding the development of advanced technology, vending machines provide more services and have many attractive features, ready to meet consumer's needs. There are many advantages to install vending machines at schools besides from having an additional source of income to support the school.

List of the Benefits of Vending Machines in Schools

Life is becoming increasingly busy and so are the parents. Imagine having to get up very early every day to prepare meals or pastries, a box of milk, school supplies and other necessary items for your child, before driving it to school. So much time used for preparation and so many things to do. What if there's a modern smart vending machine at school that solves those problems and even adds more benefits?

Mutual benefits:
- Hygienic and safe food.
- Keep students and staff around (Very unsafe for students to roam the streets, looking for food to buy).
- Providing the school with a good image (No street vendors and no littering in front of schools).
- Easy to use, suitable for all ages.
- Provide school supplies and healthy F&B and add options for lunch.
- Enhance the professional image of the school towards students' parents.
- A low price option for students and staff
- Revenue for schools

Private benefits:
The school is home to a large number of students of different ages and levels, from elementary schools to universities. In addition, there are also staffs, teachers, administrators, as well as parents who frequently visit. Therefore, there are many different needs and requirements that can be met by smart vending machines. 

Benefits for primary schools: 
For schools which don’t provide lunch, vending machines can be very helpful. Parents do not need to get up early to prepare food for their children. Now, children can access smart technology and be more autonomous in choosing their lunch. Of course, all items are healthy and from accredited suppliers.

Parents do not need to give their children a large amount of money, just 5,000 VND, 10,000 VND or 20,000 VND are enough to buy items/snacks in smart vending machines. Vending machines in schools mean less concerns for parents and less danger for their children.

In addition, parents will be more at peace if their children do not have to buy unhygienic street food and drinks, sold outside of the school, avoiding unnecessary cases of food poisoning.

Benefits for high schools:
With the mentality of adolescence, high school students tend to gather with friends and eat street food. Therefore, there are many vendors in front of schools, selling food and drinks over the fence into the school, causing bad optics and an endangerment of the security for the school. Also, there is no guarantee of food safety and hygiene for students.

Noisy gatherings and littering can be avoided. Installing a smart vending machine right in the school will not only create a habit for students to work better with the utilities provided by the machine but also give them a more contemporary lifestyle.

Additionally to the benefits of vending machines for students, school administrators and teachers will have an easier task to manage students in terms of food safety and security and creating trustful relationship with parents.

Benefits for colleges / universities:
The number of students in colleges / universities is quite large, on average from 1,000 to 5,000 students. They are usually very busy and in rush during a day at school, from early morning until late evening. School canteens definitely cannot meet their needs at as well as a smart vending machine automatic, with its many options and operating 24/7.

Additionally, for the students in the dormitory, even when the school is closed at night, a vending machine is a "saviour" for their urgent cravings. A quick snack or a bottle of cooled water for hot nights is always available.

With many practical benefits that smart vending machines bring to students, staff, teachers, school administrators and parents, we hope that vending machines will soon be widely deployed in schools of all levels.

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