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A vending machine is an automated machine that provides items such as snacks, beverages,...etc to serve the essential needs of consumers. Vending machines exist for a long time in many countries around the world such as Japan, USA, France, Germany, Singapore, China,... and in more recent times, they have appeared in Vietnam. 

Smart Vending Machines - A New Step In Technology

Since their inception, vending machines have been upgraded with many new features and technologies. Nowadays, smart vending machines are becoming more and more technologically advanced, with many practical utilities for everyday life: touch screens, change money return, mobile phone top-up...Anyone can easily use it, from children to the elderly.

Start a Vending Machine Business Partnership

Regarding the recent development of advanced technology, Smart vending machines in Vietnam have become an attractive business solution that caught the attention of many top investors.

Smart vending machines save your process a lot of time. All the steps are automated, fast and accurate. They are the vending trend of the future. No need for large spaces. No need to hire selling staff It is the ideal vending solution for investors.

Currently, smart vending machines are installed and widely used in many cities in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Functioning as a mobile grocery store with many other amenities, smart vending machines have quickly won over the hearts of countless users.

Therefore, smart vending machines are an extremely attractive business. Do you have the "golden location" to install a machine to exploit its full potential and receive maximum return for your investment?

Thousands of students go to school everyday. Placing a machine at a school does not only avoid large gatherings around street vendors in front of the school gate, it also ensures food hygiene and safety for students, creating trust for parents. It will create a more professional image of the school.

"Golden location" for smart vending machine's installation


These are also locations investors should pay attention to. With a high number of people visiting clinics and hospitals every day, smart vending machines are the perfect solution for vending purposes. 

Hospitals/ Clinics

Because smart vending machines operate 24/7, they don't only serve patients and visitors but also the staff of the hospital at any time as well as the patient’s caretakers.

Fitness centers / Gyms

Nowadays, more and more people go to the gyms to improve their health. Therefore, investors should consider installing modern vending machines at these locations to add a source of income besides the main business and to improve the professional image of the center.

Especially for small and medium-sized gym investors, expenses are always an issue. Renting a smart vending machine is a good solution, reducing investment costs as well as personnel costs.

View more details about investing vending machines at the gym center in the next blog.

Apartments / Office Buildings

Installing smart vending machines in apartment buildings and office buildings will bring exciting experiences to this young and modern target group which adapts to new technology very quickly and loves to experience new services.

Our smart vending machines with touchscreens cater to many of the essential needs of young citizens and white-collar workers, such as soft drinks, beers, candies, snacks ...etc.

Choosing a reputable smart vending machine supplier in the market

There are a number of reasons which explain why smart vending machines have earned their high popularity throughout the world. Convenience, low operation costs, fast transactions,... are some of the main reasons for Vietnamese to invest in vending machines.

Running a vending machine business is not simply buying a machine and placing it to earn profits because there are potential problems that investors need to pay attention to. What you need to do is to choose the right vending machine supplier with a good reputation, who can provide you with the best service that suits your needs as well as to avoid mistakes when investing in you haven't acquired deep insights, yet. It is essential to fully exploit the potential and benefits of your vending machines.

In the Ho Chi Minh City market, Dropfoods is one of the most prestigious suppliers of smart vending machines. With Dropfoods, investors will be consulted enthusiastically by dedicated and experienced staff. At the same time, Dropfoods will answer all questions and solve all issues of investors to provide the most desirable and suitable service.

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