New lifestyle, provided by vending machines in apartment buildings and office buildings

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In Japan, there are almost 5 million vending machines, placed all over the country. More than 7 million vending machines are installed in The USA, resulting in an average of 1 machine per 50 residents. It can be said that vending machines have long been very popular in many countries around the world. 

Smart vending machines - The new trend of life

Although, just appearing in Vietnam in the past few years, smart vending machines have brought many benefits to users, including the following outstanding advantages.

Benefits for investors:

  • No need for a large space.
  • Many placement options: apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, clinics...etc
  • 24/7 operation without employees.
  • Offering a vast assortment of products.
  • Simple management: Telemetry service to enable remote management of machines and real-time refill alerts and data.  
  • Detailed sales report and analyses.
  • Reduced operation costs and increased profits.

Benefits for consumers:

  • Purchasing 24/7, fast and convenient.
  • Many payment methods: cash, app-purchases (apps), e-wallets, QR code, coupons, ...etc.
  • Simple to use for customers of all ages.
  • No need to wait in line.
  • Meets essential needs, anytime and anywhere.

Technological advantages

The young generation, a modern consumer part, is catching up to technology trends quickly. Shopping and cashless payment via mobile applications is no longer strange to anyone anymore, especially to young people.

Therefore, the deployment of smart vending machines in apartment buildings and office buildings, where many young people gather, can bring practical benefits for consumers and huge profit for investors.

Vending machines at apartment buildings and office buildings - New lifestyle

If the management units install smart vending machines in these buildings, it does not only bring many benefits to residents / employees working here, it also contributes to a modern lifestyle. Additionally, it is also a stable source of income for the management.

Vending machines are modern and compact, do not occupy a hallway and can operate 24/7. Customers can buy essential needs anytime without waiting or queuing.

The machines sell all kinds of soft drinks, beverages, candies and snacks.Those products have clear origins and meet high food hygiene standards. The machines also automatically return change so there is no need to rely on employees. Very convenient, indeed.

Customer reviews

I find this vending machine very good. I can use it 24/7. No matter whenever I crave for something, early in the morning or late at night. You know it is quite dangerous to go out on the street at night time. You are also not sure if anything is still open. Another interesting thing about this Dropfoods machine is that it knows how to give change, so convenient.

Ms. Hong (resident) also confided:

Since the building has installed a vending machine, I find it really useful, making purchases quickly and easily. Especially on rainy days or when doing overtime hours, I can still buy snacks.

Mr. Can (office worker) shared: 

Dropfoods - The reputable brand which provides you with business solutions with vending machines in Vietnam

If you find that a vending machine is advantageous and benefitcial for you, please contact Dropfoods.

Dropfoods, the leader in the smart vending machine business in Vietnam, has many long-term collaborations / partners, such as VUS English Centers, District 4 Hospital, BMC Building,...etc. This guarantees that Dropfoods provides service that you can trust.

Coming to Dropfoods, you will enjoy many exclusive privileges and special services, only for partners which is guaranteed to satisfy you. Those services include:

  • Consulting and surveying locations to increase your profit.
  • Free shipping and installation.
  • 24/7 customer support and troubleshooting for purchases at the machine.
  • Supplying and refilling products.

Dropfoods always meets your needs and brings the most benefits to you. With our own dedicated team, you can be assured a smooth collaboration with Dropfoods.

Please leave your information. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your inquiries with more details.

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