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Dropfoods is proud to serve some of the largest and most demanding international and regional customers in South-East Asia .

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Dropfoods Smart App for Vending Machine

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Introducing our revolutionary app, where convenience meets savings like never before! Say hello to effortless discounts and special promotions right at your fingertips. With our app, you can explore a treasure trove of deals tailored to your preferences. Join the thousands of savvy users already benefiting from our app and experience the future of smart vending today!

  • Receive amazing discounts.
  • Pay conveniently with e-wallet.
  • Top up your mobile phone.
  • Find the nearest Dropfoods smart kiosk.
  • Receive exclusive deals.

Introducing the
Dropfoods Mobile App
Download our Mobile App to experience happiness!

Automatic Vending Machine System in Ho Chi Minh City

Dropfoods Locations

Our network of smart kiosks are available across Singapore and Vietnam.

Residential areas
Locations residential
Schools - Universities
Locations schools
Entertainment centers
Locations entertainment
Stations - Airports - Ports
Locations stations
Sports - Fitness - Yoga centers
Locations sports
Hospitals - Clinics
Locations hospitals
Office buildings
Locations office

Our Partner Brands

We work closely with valued clients and partners.

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